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Gone Frugal is an online distributor that specializes in marketing and selling products on a wide range of web platforms. 

We are committed to building valuable relationships with our customers and suppliers by utilizing some of the largest e-commerce websites and offering fantastic prices!

If you are a supplier who would like help building a brand presence online, feel free to contact us below.

How We Add Value to Your Products

  • We utilize PPC advertising to grow our customer base and market your products.
  • We experiment with product bundles to appeal to a wider customer base.
  • We list products on a wide range of e-commerce websites including the largest ones!
  • We create our own niche sites to market and sell products.

About Josh

Josh Tasman is the owner of Gone Frugal and FrugalHackMe, LLC. He created this distribution company when he realized there was something missing from online sales: a human touch with a marketing background.

By utilizing his 10 years of sales and marketing expertise​, he created these companies and quickly grew their revenue to over 500k in their first year. He did this by not only partnering, but also by helping grow other like minded brands and businesses.

When he's not working on his businesses, he likes to spend time with his wife, his two cats, and his xbox.

Connect with our brands!

FrugalHackMe started in 2014 and was one of the original inspirations behind Gone Frugal.  This is a website and blog that not only teaches readers about traveling for pennies on the dollar, but it also teaches the masses different ways to make real money online. FrugalHackMe is the oldest brand we have.


CatCatCat started out of the love for cats. This is your source for everything from cat toys to cat food and even cat litter. Not only that, but CatCatCat specializes in analyzing cat behavior and providing incite into different cat and kitten related behavioral issues. If you love cats, you'll love CatCatCat!

In Association With

Orbital Metrics

Orbital Metrics is a group of retailers across the US that specialize in different aspects of online retail. Gone Frugal helped found Orbital Metrics Ltd in 2017 after connecting with other like minded businesses and realizing the potential to reach a larger number of customers. If you're interested in learning more about Orbital Metrics or signing up, please contact us below.

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